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The 2019 Manitoba Dive Season is underway.

With the addition of the new docks at the West Hawk Lake Marina, there have been some slight changes to the Cats Ass Dive site.
new Marina dock is immediately to the South of the dive training area, so please exercise caution. All recreational diving should be to the North of the training docks to stay clear of the marina area.
There are lines for the dock moorings that are now within the dive area.  These lines are marked temporarily with yellow caution tape until a more long-term solution is in place.
We are in the process of working with the marina owner to more clearly mark the South border underwater, as well as adding two (2) additional surface buoys to close in the gap at that end
of the dock to ward off boaters. With limited volunteers for this project, it will be on-going for the foreseeable future.
There have been instances of park goers fishing off of the dock as well and until permanent signage is in place (pending approval from Manitoba Sustainable development), we see this being an issue. If you see people
 fishing into the dive site on the dock, please kindly inform them that there is no fishing allowed.

Happy diving and be safe!
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Quartz Vein at West Hawk Lake by Rick Howard

Quartz Vein at West Hawk Lake by Rick Howard


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