Manitoba Underwater Council Inc.,

P.O. Box 711, 

Winnipeg, Manitoba,

R3C 2K3


2019 - 2020 Executive Council

Bill Manveiler

Jacqui Dufault

Ed Stark


Murray Einarson

Willow Whaley

2018 - 2019  Executive Council

Bill Manveiler      President

Ruby Reimer        Vice President

Ed Stark                Treasurer

Doreen Draffin    Health and Safety

Willow Whaley     Special Events

Jacqui Dufault     Communications

2017 - 2018  Executive Council

Jim Yankoski       President

Bill Manveiler     Vice President

Ed Stark               Treasurer

Doreen Draffin   Health and Safety

Peggy Ray            Special Events

Jacqui Dufault     Communications

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